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In a hyper digital world, we crave unique, live, face to face experiences that connect us to the real world and to each other.


Our events naturally lend themselves to creating brand experiences – moments where you can touch, feel, sometimes taste and even smell a brand in person. 

The WEEKend

Hosted by Devon Levesque in Austin, TX

The WEEKend is three days of strategically planned activities designed to push the boundaries of what it means to live a balanced lifestyle. 50 - 75 people attend 

Some of our previous partners at The WEEKend include: Gymshark, Cuts Clothing, Super Coffee, Lokai, Cold Plunge, OliPop, Super Mush, Vital Red Light, and Promix Nutrition. 

Interested in sharing your brand at the next WEEKend event? 

Promix Beach Cleanup

Miami, FL

A group beach clean up hosted by Promix Nutrition and Co-Founder, Devon Levesque. 1% of all of our sales are committed to 1% For The Planet. We want to continue to give back to our world, so let's start by cleaning up the beach!

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